An Interview with Oscar Hueramo

an aspiring filmer from the South Side of Chicago.

Oscar recently put out a full edit at LV2 recently called LV GOONS. There are multiple reasons why this video is amazing to me but the first reason is that its pretty much put together like a full length video. There is something very intentional and orgainized about it. The edit also features some of my favorite LV skaters, namely Jerry, and Selo2x but there are more rippers in the cut. Dave Rodriguez reappears, skating strong after a long hiatus due to a torn ACL. Although I used to make edits similar to this, (I would'nt put in this much work) that would go over looked for the most part, that was before instagram appeared. This edit really stands out to me because right now in 2018, most skaters people are filming for instagram, and nothing more. The importance of a video part in a greater video with the homies, even if it's in a skatepark, has been lost. The fact that this edit was filmed over the course of a few weeks, and not just in a couple of hours is the reason why it stands out to me more than most of what I see on instagram. It was filmed on a camera and not a phone. It shows some of the local characters that hang around the park, hyphy moments, and has some well done visual effects to top it off! This is not an insta edit.

While many people focus on short term insta edits, Oscar sets his sights on goals with much bigger payoffs, we love that, so we decided to do an interview!


Where are you from?                                                  

Gage park area, right off the Kedzie stop on the orange line. The bangers like to call it crowntown, but I ain’t shit.

How dangerous is the Gage Park area of chicago?

I one time seen a video that ranks gage park as #6 of one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, but from my experience nothing has really ever happen to me like that. Here and there you’ll hear shootings. The worse things to ever happen out that area was probably when this kid got set up, beaten, shot to death, and then burned. I think it happened like 10 years ago and then massacre of this one family that happened like in 2016. It’s not only gage park though, but a good amount of south side Chicago where shit happens.

How long you have you been filming?  

Been on and off with filming due to accessibility, but I got my own set up now.

What was your favorite skate video growing up?                                                       

Baker 3 a classic, sin habits, berry atmosphere, Nothing but the truth, stay gold, Uprise Chicago’s finest volume II, Street Killaz 3 especially the yellah section and any free video on YouTube or in general because I was broke as f*** as kid.

What made you want to start filming?             

Skate videos are my roots. I always had to watch a skate video before actually skating. One day when I was like a sophomore or freshman in High school, one of my friends bought one of those shitty Kodak cameras that looked like a phone and he had a magnetic fisheye for it, he wanted to get some clips of him skating so I was like fuck it let me give it a shot. He later bought a Sony handycam with Sony Vegas 11 and let me install it on my computer, I’m lowkey still using that same program. After the handycam he got a trv900 and I thought that shit was sick, during that time using it i joined a after school matters program about skating and that’s when I started linking with people outside my neighborhood. I then got some money from my Godmother as a gift and bought a Canon GL2.

That was my actual camera I was able to call mine, but sadly it stopped working

Was it hard getting to where you are now in terms of making videos?  

I don’t even know what type of position I’m in right now all I can say is

I record something, edit it, upload it, and people end up liking it.

I like seeing people’s reactions to it so I keep doing it.

Any motivational words to the filmers out there getting started?                                     

Keep doing it. Just like skating practice is everything. This doesn’t have to apply towards filming or skating but “you can be good at anything, depending on your situation only thing really stopping you is time and money.

Are you planning on dropping any street edits anytime soon? That edit LV2 edit hyped me!             

I don’t know about soon but for sure working on the streets, maybe help the guys get clips for a Chi Rats video. Gotta discuss with the homies.

Reading any books or studying anything?    

I should be studying in college but I lost motivation for that, I know that’s where my parents want to see me at.

What kind of music are you into right now?

SoundCloud be lit as f***, with hip-hop/rap, but I can listen to anything besides country and edm. Favorite rap group right now would have to be seshollowaterboyz, and I can never get tired of three 6 mafia or anything similar to it.

What do you think of Chicago?                       

It be shady sometimes. Chicago's full of hella characters tho.

Are you thinking about travelling?                                          

Need to make plans for that, I wouldn’t know where to start. In the winter for sure gotta visit someplace warm. I’m lucky enough to have a friend that works for an airline and he be skating too, so hopefully he can hook it up.

Bam! Vamos! Some last words for everybody?

Be happy, have fun, and don’t pop Xanax that shit be fucking people up.

Well you heard the man, go film a real edit with your homies and put work into edtiting it. You will feel the difference between that and a few likes on instagram. Its not about showing other people and getting views, its about you and your homies, making something that you guys could be hyped on for years or that could hype someone to do the same. Real edits have a big place in our hearts yet we are seeing less and less of them. Just because times are changing and we read articles, interviews, and hear people talking about "attention spans getting shorter", and "people only caring about insta clips", "the skate edit is dead" ,or "the full length video is dead", doesn't mean that it has to be that way.

Get yo ass out there and put the work into making an inspiring project and don't get caught into the social media feedback loop.

Let's put our talents to better use!

Caveman Nosegrind. Photo by Jake Joiner

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