Caveman Nosegrind. Photo by Jake Joiner

Justis, my G, how did you start skating?

I first got interest in skateboarding in 2003 following a bike accident, chasing my friend ,where someone opened their car door . Shortly after my older brother and his stoner friends showed me Girl skateboards “Yeah right” and Flip skateboards “Sorry” I was so inspired at how I could get a feel for who these people through their skateboarding . After borrowing the local kids skateboards ,That Christmas I begged for one. My parents got me a black Leo Romero baker with blue krux.

Baker! What or who inspired you to keep skating and get better?

There’s a lot of things that inspired me to skate , growing tired of team sports at a young age, I put down the basketball and started skating instead. I enjoyed the solidarity of skating a ten80 ramp outside my house for a while until I was introduced to my local scene in Northwest Indiana at the time. From then on it was all about having fun not only by myself but with my friends and I was exposed to a whole new world.

Can you tell us your about your first, crew, and sponsors?

Flash forward to November 28th 2010, I got on a skate shop called Warped sports and begin to film with my pal Anastasios Kratimenos. Of course this gave me and my friends the idea to make our own skate videos under the dorkiest crew name we could think of, replica. Gotta give it up to early childhood friends for pushing me. Definitely never thought it would reach the point it has, the friendships I’ve earned through skateboarding have been some of the most genuine, I owe a lot to skateboarding in this respect as it has become part of who I am and has always been my biggest escape, this wooden toy is my key to happiness. The journey passed and ones to come are a short explanation of how it’s changed my life.

what were your favorite skate videos as a kid and local ones?

Favorite skate videos as a kid, "Baker 3", "Pig Slaughter House", first local vid I really got hyped on was FUNHOUSE 3 by Chad Matthews.

Let's make a little diversion. Are you reading any books or creating art?

Besides Academics I havnt been reading recreationally, still looking for another creative outlet as the winter is killer.

What about your love for hot sauce?

I’m a huge foodie like the almost euphoric feeling of eating somethin' spicey.

What's your taste in music like?

I go through phases, I'm in a city pop phase right now which is basically Japanese pop music from the 80's, it varies a lot, I could go from listening to GG Allin to listening to the cranberries.

Do you feel like music influences your skateboarding?

Ouite the opposite actually, feel like skateboarding influences everything in my life a lil' bit. Without all the different scenes skateboarding has showed me I’d probably just be another gangbanger that inhales the garbage that’s put on the radio these days.

Funny how listening to anything other then rap as a black male is seemed as odd.

Its true, me too. It's cool when people listen to music you wouldn't expect them to.

What are some things inspire how you skate and come up with new ideas?

Hippy Jump. Photo by Max Williams

What inspires me to create now is the infinite possibilities I feel like an artist with a blank canvas every time I step out with my board in my hand, it has drastically changed how I view the world around me.

Do you feel like you go through phases in skating?

Depends on my mood and how my body feels, definitely don’t do the tricks I used to any more but at the same time it’s fun to apply what you already know to something new.

Photo by Jake Joiner

What is day care shit show?

Day care shit show is crew of cats that I’ve known for years and we decided to try something on our own.

Any new projects on the horizon?

As far as new projects on the horizons I’m filming with matt Bette for Indanois 2 and it is coming in hot, been pretty busy working two jobs and school but I’ve still be skating as much as I can.

Any Last words?

Lift the veil from your eyes. Shout out to my family and friends, and Homewood skatepark!

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