Micheal Jr. ordered a pair of Trabajando sublimated socks and made a sweet unboxing video! Much love! Be sure to check out his channel for skateboarding, cooking and fitness all based in Chicago. 



Everybody loves chicken wings.

Check out Micheal Jr.'s take on how to make some chicken wings good enough to make you skateboard. If you've been looking for something new, follow him because his videos are all about about food, fitness and skating, good stuff. 

As we approach the 11th anniversary of one of worst disasters ever to affect the United States, reflect on the impact that hurricane Katrina had on the lives millions as you watch this heartfelt live performance of Doctor Groove's Original poem, "Ode to Katrina".

Video by Birdseyeview

This is a video made by Chicago inner city students. It is a poem about Chicago, the place they call home.

This video was chosen to open the After School Matters 2015 film festival. 


"More Than A Bullet is a Chicago documentary that focuses on life in Chicago. It isn't based on the same things that are often shown in the news ,it shows a different perspective. It features SD, has brief appearances by King Louie and Young Chop."

This film is interesting because it points out that a lot of the youth who spend time on the street do so because there is nothing else for them to do.

They talk about not having anywhere to play basketball or football, a lack of extracurricular activities and how that actually creates an environment where violence, that Chicago has become so well known for, is all the more likely to happen.

Another interesting point made in this documentary is that many schools on the south side of Chicago no longer use conventional disciplinary education professionals, they now use Chicago Police and probation officers to enforce discipline at some of the schools. This could mean that many students form their opinions about the police within confines of school, and then they have to deal with them outside of school. If they do something bad in school the now run the risk of being labeled as a criminal early in life.


(Not to say that much progress has not been made)  But... A very eye opening statistic shown is that segregation in Chicago has barely changed since the 1960's!

In the recent weeks the world turned it's eyes to Chicago when people spoke up about a Chicago Police Facility that they were allegedly tortured inside of. It is also rumored that the facility contains military grade equipment specified for police use. The police behavior that is observed by many Chicago residents as expressed in the film, is foretelling of a police state reality that only massive reform could reverse. Negative stereotypes about police are being affirmed because a bunch of people are being crammed into a space with nothing positive to do. The police see these youths as dangerous and find many ways to put them behind bars. 

Overall, More than a Bullet is a very thought provoking documentary that provides a lot of depth to Chicago's current situation. Among many questions raised in this film I have some questions myself. How can we address these issue positively? How can we get more positive activities happening in these areas? Something positive enough to prevent people from joining gangs or committing acts of violence? Can an alternate form of peer mediation be massively taught? Give some feedback in the comments below!








I have been seeing a lot great shots from the homie Kris Elvira. His passion for photography shows in his work which ranges across many subject matters from cityscapes, to portraits, to skateboarding, his is truely a versitile photographer. He also shoots a lot of photos Uprise Skateshop. You can find many of his visuals via hashtags #goldenvisuals and #streetsofchrome follow him @celvira23

Edgar Corona: Bs lip


Chicago skyline at night

CTA long exposure

A stunning reflection shot

A reflection shot with a long exposure

Students from after school matters have also done paintings of Kris's photos.



Sometimes we have to take a step back from filming videos and all the hype and listen to some good old fashioned wise words. Here we have a quote about dealing with security guards/police/dickheads, from Nick Arima, a Chicago homie who skates for Get Real Clothing. This is funny and true wisdom at the same damn time! If you only skate at skateparks this wisdom does not apply to you.

"Imagine for a second that you are a skateboarder cruising around downtown with some homies (assuming that's not what you are doing). Let's say a cop approaches you and starts givin' you shit for skatin' downtown and he's bein' a real prick because he's already got preconceived notions of how "skater punks" are. He's probably already heard so much bullshit from other "skater punks" that he won't even give you the time of day to stand your ground or voice your opinion. You and your friends keep trying to argue with him, talkin' shit or whatever. All you are doing is perpetuating that hatred he has for "skater punks" by fighting him. He decides to arrest your insubordinate asses to "teach" you all a lesson. You have a sour look on your face the whole time, like someone shit their pants all the while you keep thinking to yourself 'fuck the police' along with your friends. This mentality continues on all through the night. He goes home to his family salty as hell and yells at his wife and kid for some petty shit 'cuz he's got a chip on his shoulder. now his family is affected by it. everyone goes to sleep salty as hell. You get out the next day ready to fuck some shit up More so than ever because that "pig" was an ace-hole and he wakes up ready to bust some more "skater punks". No one learns shit in this situation.

Now let's go back to the beginning and change it up just a bit. Instead of returning the cops anger and ignorance when he approaches you, you think to yourself 'shit maybe this dude is just Havin' a rough day and he has a reason to not like skaters because they are mostly a bunch of cop hatin' drunk/wise asses' so for every disrespectful or degrading remark he makes you simply treat him the way you wish he would treat you. With RESPECT. Not respect for his "authority" but for respect for the simple fact that he's another person on this planet who's trying to be happy just like yourself. He just doesn't know exactly how. Just like you. So he does what he believes to be right. Just like you. Your friends have a shitty attitude towards him though still. The cop likes you though so he lets you off and gives your friends tickets for bein' dumbasses. So you tell them they should chill. They get pissed at you as if you are siding with the cop. Like you are some kind of traitor and the fact that you have a separate opinion separates you from them, as if they all have the same mind.

Little do they know you saved their asses from gettin' arrested and that cop went home knowing that not all "skater punks" are "punks". the next time he encounters a group of them he might not be such a dick."

You get back what you put in, the bad vibes bring bad vibes and the good vibes bring good vibes. If we all, skateboarders, law enforcement individuals, security guards and pedestrians alike could take a step back to realize this simple fact at the moments we feel so pissed off at each other, perhaps we would get along without constantly fighting each other. Go skateboarding!

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