If someone asked me, "What have you been listening to lately", I would have to say off the top of my head E m o t i o n a l T o k y o  .

The music has all of the things you love about rap and trap mixed with a ton of wavy, unique and nostalgic beats and samples.

It makes me want to turn up and chill out at the same time.

The mix of Vaporwave and Trap has created this genre of music that is growing bigger with new mixes dropping every day. There are now a plethora different artist taking samples from jazz or some other music that actually sounds good adding a trap beat and some looping anime clips for the video. Something about this sucks you in and before you know it, you're balls deep into the ocean of youtube vaporwave heaven. While there are so many talented artist who make this kind of sound, we focused on E M O T I O N A L T O K Y O because they seem to be the trend setters right now, besides, who invited TRAPPIN IN HEAVEN?



NDILOMA just dropped his latest project today. We have a few words from the artist himself.

Give the project a listen while you read what he's got to say about the music. 


Qari and Mulatto are great on their own, but when combined it's like one plus one somehow equals three. Here we have some refreshing audio and visuals during an otherwise less active season.

This is the second music video we shot for Sista E.L.L.A. It's about how self respect and self esteem begin in childhood. It is at the upmost level of importance that we give nothing but positivity to the younger generations. Enjoy.


Orphin Studio is a young ambitious studio in Chicago looking expand thier horizons. Archer Rivera, the founder tells us about how Orphin came to be and a few events in his life that led inspired him to come up with the name.

Could you tell me why its called orphin?

So, Orphin is basically having nothing at all but using that feeling of being abandoned to accomplish your goal. Basically that wat it means in a nutshell The slogan is "Nothing to lose".

Can you tell me about an abandonment in your life. it must be hard to talk about it.


WOW. We had to share this one.

Not too much to say about this video besides the fact that Teyana Taylor is amazing.

Rich Jones is a very loveable character. He's got a heart and soul that only a select few artists posess. This is a recap of him performing at the intimate Sofar Chicago, in front of a cozy audience; a great place to see amazing performances without dealing with a ton of people. Also their videos are so good that you can just play the Sofar videos like a playlist and discover tons of music that way. If you enjoy this post go ahead and give Sofar a follow and don't forget to follow us for more awesome stuff like this!

Supa just dropped Dead Again 3 on the forth of July, as he alway does. On top of already heavy lineup of the feature list, the track "Fool Wit It" featuring Chance the Rapper just pops out. Chicago is hyped.

-  You should to listen to this a few times just on the basis of the combo alone  - 


Sunny Woodz, Qari, ChurchDontStop and Mulatto enjoy sunny a day in the forest for “Roots,” from Sunny’s Sunny Side Up EP.

Video by APJ Films


Qari is straight up entrancing.

There are not enough words to explain how raw Qari is. 

This is his first solo music video to "Caterpillar, Butterfly", directed by YAK. 

We're hoping to hear/see more from Qari soon!

This video has Hip-Hop performed with a live band.


This video is from Chicago.

Double yes. 

Marko Stat$ is coming in hot with a fresh sound for the new year. He's turning heads while playing music in the street, pop-up style, putting out this rugged feel good hip-hop. Beyond This Point (the band featured in the video) brings the sound to an entirely new level. It's not often that we see hip-hop behind a live band. He's got our hopes up. Here's the track on soundcloud

Accompanied By Upcoming Band "Beyond This Point" (Drummer) 

Prod: Medasin

Dir X. Jon Schwartz Visuals (

A little late but we had to put this banger up. Cosmic Slop #7. These joints just keep getting better and better.

If you looking for the dope underground wavyness Lanzo is your connect.


TruSeye is a music producer out of Toronto and also one half of rap duo Harmless Danger. He recently put out his first album, a beat tape titled, "One Exception" on Jan 5th 2016.

This album features a sequence of soul beats which he put together over the last year while living in Ghana.

This tape is quality! The beats are powerful, polished and gushing with soul.

There are also a couple dope remixes that take us back. This tape got a lot of nostalgia to it.

Enjoy and support!

Lanzo just dropped some heat rock.

Mic Jenkins comin' in hot with a blast from the past featuring a very well done 80's themed visual and song. Enjoy

                                                   FAMOU$ just released a video to "Heshgod", directed by YAKUB Films.



Rich Jones coming through with the fresh visual directed by YAKUB films and Elijah Alvarado. Press Play Go is from his Pigeons & Waffles EP that dropped a few months back. 




Supa Bwe reveals a different part of his lifestyle in his new video "Contacts". Solo in this video, we usually see Supa with his band Hurt Everybody, (although Mulatto can be seen coolin in this video) so this song and video have a feel that is uniquely Supa.

We always imagine Toronto or anywhere in Canada as a place full of nice people and nice things. SAFE, aka. the mysterious bando416 reveals himself and a different (more hood) view of Toronto.

 The cinematography and editing of this video is extremely on point with credit to Kid. Studio, their work is very dope.

 This track/video is a lowkey jam!


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If someone asked me, "What have you been listening to lately", I would have to say off the top of my head E m o t i o n a l T o k y o....
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