Qari is straight up entrancing.

There are not enough words to explain how raw Qari is. 

This is his first solo music video to "Caterpillar, Butterfly", directed by YAK. 

We're hoping to hear/see more from Qari soon!

This video has Hip-Hop performed with a live band.


This video is from Chicago.

Double yes. 

Marko Stat$ is coming in hot with a fresh sound for the new year. He's turning heads while playing music in the street, pop-up style, putting out this rugged feel good hip-hop. Beyond This Point (the band featured in the video) brings the sound to an entirely new level. It's not often that we see hip-hop behind a live band. He's got our hopes up. Here's the track on soundcloud

Accompanied By Upcoming Band "Beyond This Point" (Drummer) 

Prod: Medasin

Dir X. Jon Schwartz Visuals (

A little late but we had to put this banger up. Cosmic Slop #7. These joints just keep getting better and better.

If you looking for the dope underground wavyness Lanzo is your connect.


TruSeye is a music producer out of Toronto and also one half of rap duo Harmless Danger. He recently put out his first album, a beat tape titled, "One Exception" on Jan 5th 2016.

This album features a sequence of soul beats which he put together over the last year while living in Ghana.

This tape is quality! The beats are powerful, polished and gushing with soul.

There are also a couple dope remixes that take us back. This tape got a lot of nostalgia to it.

Enjoy and support!

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