This is the second music video we shot for Sista E.L.L.A. It's about how self respect and self esteem begin in childhood. It is at the upmost level of importance that we give nothing but positivity to the younger generations. Enjoy.

Meet ELCA Vice President Bill Horne from ELCA on Vimeo.


This was a video shot in New Orleans at the ELCA churchwide assembly.

 Located at 629 E Lincoln HWY, Dekalb Il. 

After jumping numerous hurdles, and a ton of remodeling, Ariel Ries and her dynamic team have opened the Fargo indoor skatepark to the public, adding another safe heaven for chicago (and surrounding areas) skateboarders for the harsh midweset winter. They've had locals from Michicagn show up, Iowa, Indiana, even Wisconsin shredders! 

Believe it or not, but this place is skateboard-only!

Opening and maintaing an indoor skateboard is a huge undertaking and extremely difficult and requires lots of support from the community.

Fargo offers skateboarding lessons for beginner skateboarders of any age or background and provides a great introduction.

Here is the best of the skateboarding that went down at the park during the opening weekend.

For more information visit

Videos by Segatron Media

BCN Trabajando

Segatron Media is proud to announce the release of Trabajando 3, the third full lenth skate video to come out of Corey Henderson's obsession with going to Barcelona. The video world preimire was in Barcelona and a second premiere was help in Chicago. The video features full parts from Josh Ferro, Max Barker, Adriano Farias, Roger Silva, Graham Thoms and Corey Henderson. Traba 3 also features tricks from a few notable euro pros namely Flo Marfaing, Max Geronzi and the ledgendary Kevin Besset. This video was filmed on a VX1000 simply on the fact that VX's are just a lot more fun to film skateboarding with than high definition cameras.The Chicago section is bumpin' too because coming from Chicago, we had to show the world the hidden midwest city and it's rippers. 



Trabajando 3 shirt

Trabajando DVD

Caravan boys went to Montreal, scooping up Sean Cullen from NYC to join the ride!

A video made with Chicago inner city students as an After School Matters instructor for the Divine Purpose Creative Arts Creative Features youth program. This video recieved the honor of being chosen to open the After School Matters 2015 film festival. 

Video / Creative Direction by Segatron Media

Chicago's music scene has been attracting much attention for the past few years but a lot of that attention has been focused on artist's who we can't exactly say have a positive message. Sista E.L.L.A is an artist on from the south side of Chicago who is seeking to add a purely positive vibe to the music scene and she is doing just that. In this video directed by Segatron Media, a very strong positive message comes through. This is a message that can change the lives many young people in Chicago. In a world of negative messages, optimism and positivity should be seen as a bright shining light of good things to come.



Video / Creative Direction by Segatron Media


Video / Creative Direction by Segatron Media

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