This edit is filmed entirely outside of the city limits of Chicago in the West suburbs and beyond.

There are also a few St. Louis clips. SONG: Muddy Waters - Champagne & Reefer Filmed by Corey Henderson and Max Williams on twin VX1000's.


Mikey Bence

Ariel Ries

Josh Ferro

Luis Fulgencio

Henry Woolever

Andre Jones

Cory Kyster

Brad Niska

Grant Katula

Vince Guzaldo

Mikey Medina

Max Barker

Joe Milazzo

& More

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Filmer Mar Berg from Salt Lake City, Utah, just released his first full length video "Discordia" in August 2017. Now he's working on...
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The two Brazil-born tech masters Alex Massotti and Stevie Anderson put out some quick ledge heat for Krux in the best place to do it,...
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The Big Move: Chicago to California with Aaron Salinas What made it hard or easy to leave chicago? What made it really easy to leave...
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The TEXALONA Interview Lets just cut to the chase, tell me the story behind Texalona. The idea behind Texalona was that I was filming in...
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Featuring Marcus Sarsycki Justis Walton Jorgy Rodriguez Brad Bedolla Coleman Edwards Joe Milazzo Tariyawn Knighten Josh Ferro R o b e r t...
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Featuring Flo Marfaing JP VIlla Graham Thoms Max Barker Sandro Bertolucci Nabil Slimani Victor Pellegrin Julien Merour All of this footage...
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Meet Skate Dad, out to raise the best contest skateboarder the world has ever seen by any means necessary. This short film by Danny Mullen...
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Recently we got an email from Lefthouse skateboards with this video in it, it was very out of the ordinary so we thought it would be a...
Monday, June 12, 2017 Administrator Skateboarding 221
After a horror story of glitches on his vx1000, Alex Horton managed to collect the good clips and put together this longer edit titled...
Monday, June 12, 2017 Administrator Skateboarding 221
VInce came in hot with a video part that's short and sweet. One that makes you replay it a few times because there's no filler, only solid...
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Micheal Jr. ordered a pair of Trabajando sublimated socks and made a sweet unboxing video! Much love! Be sure to check out his channel for...
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If someone asked me, "What have you been listening to lately", I would have to say off the top of my head E m o t i o n a l T o k y o....
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We've been seeing more and more clips of these guys skating around Oak Park spots. I grew up there, so it's always cool for me to see what...
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Everybody loves chicken wings. Check out Micheal Jr.'s take on how to make some chicken wings good enough to make you skateboard. If...

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