Chris Tellez finally dropped the Quarterbrick street for 2018 (I waited patiently!)  . . . it was worth the wait!

It's not very often that you get to see this many Chicago's best young skateboarders all killing fresh spots in one edit together that also includes a Stephen Lawyer section. Talk about making moves! This is one hell of a vibe, and personally I can't wait to see more edits like this. QTB is bringing Chicago's new generation of local skateboarders to new levels of exposure, and it's expanding fast. It's a gift to be able to watch this unfold. Go check them on insta @qtb_collective 

Filmed & edited by: Chris Tellez


Jorgy Rodriguez

Alex park

Adolfo Franco

Cole Hosman

Gunners Beck

Tylor Horton


Vince Guzaldo

Brandon Dante

Chris Gomez

Stephen Lawyer

Chris Tellez

Tariyawn Knighten

Justin Noh

Brad Bedolla


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