WARNING! This is a *RARE* Interview


Tell me about some of you inspirations to explore and how you push it to new levels.

Thinking back, I don't even know what originally started it. I guess cause of skateboarding, always lookin' for new spots and whatnot. I guess one day it just clicked in my head to take that mindset to the streets too. Like "oh, this is what makes sense for me to do now". As far as pushing it to new levels? I don't even think on it like that. I just know this city is pretty big and I'm not gonna see all of it unless I make an effort ta go out and see what there is to see. And then I just keep it pushin' when I go to other cities. I'm not really tryin' ta see all the lil' touristy joints and landmarks, I wanna see the unseen. Umm, i don't know the statute of limitations on certain things. Sooooo, i can't talk about the actual craziest times i've had jo. Not even to sound gassed, but crazy shit happens to me every week in general so I also forget a lot of the wild shit that happens.

Damn, I like that perspective a lot.

Any lessons learned while exploring chicago and other cities?

I wouldn't say I've learned any lessons from gettin' into "exploring" that I didn't know already, but life taught me early on that if you ain't got peoples around you that will hold you down or that you fully trust, you're better off doin' things by yourself. And no disrespect to anyone in particular, but I've never felt I've had anybody like that in my corner. Which is why I constantly roll solo, especially these days. People yip-yap too much on the interweb about where things are & who did what. In terms of recent happenings, all I can tell yous is I been doin' a lot of everything ya know. I be here, I be there. I move around a decent amount, I'll pop up in all types of weird places B.

Jo on some real shit, most of the time I don't really wanna do most of the things I do alone. Not just cause of the safety issue cause I could give a fuck bout that,

"But it's weird tellin' a story bout some wild shit that happened & people are like, "oh, that's cool.", but I know they not really feelin' it cause they can't relate."


Man, I feel you on that.


How does music influence you? You seem to have an explorative nature when it comes to that because you always be on some super unique samples.

When it comes to the music, I'm into a grip of different joints. My collection of cd's, tapes & records will go from 90's Hip-Hop, to 70's Jazz Fusion, to 80's Freestyle. Bein' into a lot of niche genres helps me to create a weird landscape of different sounds to use as source material for the music I make.

"A good majority of the vibes goin' on in 80's music & the culture of the 80's has become more & more prevalent in my creative process."

I've had a strange fascination wit' that time period since I was a child for some reason. When creating music, the creative process of flipping samples is other worldly to me. Like I don't know what I'm doing most of the time, but somehow something coherent comes out as the end result. I hear certain sounds in a song & my mind creates a map of what the song could sound like if it was re-arranged in the right spots, then I try to create what my mind hears. Part of the re-imagining of a song for me is the extra effects I can put into. If you listen to most of my music, there's a lot of static or tape hiss or tape fluctuation in the mix. The way I move in life isn't the cleanest or perfect by a long shot but I make it work, and unconsciously that aesthetic transfered into my music as well.

I'm super attracted to the 80s as well for reasons I cant explain.

Highkey good thing this is a text interview, cause i legit don't like talkin' bout the things that i do hahah.

I wanted to do text for the real heads with enough attention.




How do you feel about doing live performances

Live joints? Man. You know it's funny, I like doin them cause I get to hear what my beats sound like on actual speakers cause I ain't got any speakers at the crib. I don't like it, cause I have to be infront of people and they're actually paying attention to me. Cause I'm not sure if you know, but i generally dislike people as a whole. Not really sure why, I just have always been annoyed by the presence of people since I was a young gun. Mad weird. But anyway, live performances are a good way to get my personal brand out to people who may not know anything about my music otherwise. I guess that factor out-weighs my natural instinct to lay low in the cuts.

You went to new york recently right? What is that like coming from Chicago?

Ye ye, I was out in NYC but that was like 8 months ago haha. 3rd time bein out there solo, I fuck wit it heavy. I try not to move like a tourist when i'm out there, so it feels like home in a few ways except 5 times bigger, the peoples are 5 times ruder, and there's mad wild shit out you'll see in the hood. It's just more of eyything. Like I was on this one stretch of train tracks that's in a ditch out in the Bronx one morning, walkin' n shit, and I hear some yelling from a window of a building that overlooks the tracks. Next thing I know, somebody is pushing a washing machine & dryer out of a high ass window down onto the tracks where I'm at. I'm like YOOOOOO, these niggas are really wildin' at 10am right now. Their transit system is a fuckin' mess out there too. Piss & bile all over the train floor depending what line you're on, niggas doin' Showtime (google that), all types of sus characters on there late at night. It's fuckin' beautiful.

It's a cool city, but the price of living is ridiculous. You really gotta be on the grind all day & night to barely scrape by. That city really don't sleep for nothin' B. Much faster paced than Chicago. Also & accordingly, there's way more different type of flavas you can experience out there. Like there's Jamaican hoods, Dominican hoods, Albanian hoods, Hasidic Jews, all types of shit we ain't got here. So it's been cool to experience that over the last 3 years.

Like I've been around Jamaicans, Hasidics and all that before, but they to really see them out heavy is somethin' else. They all have their own lil worlds out there which is ill.

Any last words for the suckas?

Nahh jo. Ziggins know.





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