"Its like an open mic night, but for live beats/PA/Electronic performances... Featuring sets from up and coming electronic artists... All forms of electronically produced instrumental music welcome; hip-hop, lo-tempo, house, techno, noise... Every 3rd Friday, monthly, Cafe Mustache-Logan Square, Chicago 2313 N Milwaukee Ave." - Open Beats

 Open Beats has been going on for three years at Cafe Mustache, with Fess Grandiose and the Chicago beat scene making it happen. While beat performances are somewhat of a rare thing in Chicago, the events are getting bigger each time. Electronic musicians of many different styles have been showing up to Open Beats to jam out in front of a crowd. There aren't so many documentations of these events in Chicago, and I love watching live music, so I decided to put out more videos like this. Here is some footage of Sev Seveer and Billy The Kid from the Open Beats 3rd anniversary party.

Each artist has a link to their bandcamp so you can listen to more of thier music! Enjoy! 













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