We got this submission all the way from Greece! It's amazing to hear dope beats from all over the world. For anyone looking to collab, Odeeno has got a ton of potential, I would love to see an international beat tape or collab happen soon!

Qari released this creepy sounding track produced by Mulatto with matching visuals by Yakub Films. Qari has always had a mysterious vibe but this video twists our expectations once again by not inlcuding one shot of the artist actually performing the track, it's more of an experience than your average music video. 



Dope artist discovery alert! 

Baby Azul's got some serious potential, and has a Babu-like feeling to her voice. Follow her if you are digging this!

This one caught me by surprise, The wandering, wavy beat mixed with a musical style that flows perfectly with the melody turns this into an ear worm if you're in the right mood.

This music video caught my eye the second I started watching. Everything about it seems so perfectly placed, and the camera movement is super in tune with Kenny's movement. This video has got my eyes on these folks, if I were you, I would too, it feels like something big is coming.


Produced by: Danny Parra x Yoshi Flower -------- Music video for Lost Cause by KennyHoopla. (C) 2018, available now. Directed by Damien Blue & Cody LaPlant//


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