I've always been a fan of The $hoots, so I feel lucky to have made this video for them! Enjoy these visuals from Segatron Media! More on the way! 

Grapetooth has been exploding lately, it is only right that they come out with this explosive music video for their latest track, "Blood".

Video by Weirdlife films. A few skateboarders can be spotted in the background dance crew!

BEAT CINEMA 9th Anniversary Compilation

I ran across this heat this morning just checking soundcloud, and here I am posting it on the site because its got some seriously diverse sounds. There is pretty much a beat for every mood and every style you can think of on this tape. On top of all there are some dope voclas from Mousey McGlynn. I'm to be on time with this heavy material! ENJOY!

"In celebration of our 9th year anniversary we bring you the next chapter in the Beat Cinema sound. We are a team of individual creators that aim to create a home for our beat community. When people say what does Beat Cinema sound like? we'd like to describe it as hybrid concoction of different people from diverse backgrounds."

Artwork: Demonslayer 
Produced by: Beat Cinema Residents
Mastered by: wave Groove


I discovered Droske from watching Oscar Huermano's youtube and just got so hyped on his lyrics and deep bassy voice! He is one of the many diamonds lying in the rough of Chicago waiting to be discovered. His sound needs to be heard because his lyrics are always well crafted, he's got a unique way of building his character in each song that makes his personality come through! This track "Don Moves" is pretty much a motivational anthem. It's got all of the ingredients for a banger, and makes me think about staying sharp. Honestly, I feel that with more support, Droske will seriously put out some game-changing music.


If you are looking for some lofi Chicago muisc, Rockwell Cartel has been producing just that. Big Jab links up with SXMGDY, to unleash a barrage of lyrical and literal artillery that goes under your skin. Jab bluntly references the degree violence and despair that is happening in Chicago, but yet and still, he's doing his thing.

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