I am a little late on this one but honestly I feel like more people should have heard this song by now. This is a testament to the diversity that exists within Chicago's music scene. The repitition of this almost moody, jungly, poppy beat mixed with these lyrics that ooze with realness really grasped my attention. We can tell QVRS is talking to somebody but I can't help to feel as if it's me doing the talking, I can relate, he's saying something that I try to say to the people I love, but in a way that so blunt yet so accepting at the same time, it's theraputic. Check out this refreshing vibe from QVRS produced by Rockwell Cartel!

TreStyle just dropped a very crispy video for "Hella Hard", shot by Jay Mavas. Trestyle is always spot with his deliveries, crystal clear, and well put together, two things that have been put to the wayside in mainstream music. There are a lot of things in this video that go hard. In this video we are imagining Tre as if he were a bat character in some sort of super hero universe pointing to the beastly aspect of his persona. The lighting and set design really takes this video to the next level on top of a great job on the color. 

Hurt Everybody Reunion

For many, this is a holiday. After almost 4 years of being dead, Cole Bennet has provided the space and time for the three forces, Supa, Mulatto and Qari to settle their differences to get back together and give the people what they want, which is a Hurt Everybody that is alive. The instagram page was somewhat of a graveyard until recently, a new photo of the three members popped sitting on Cole Bennet's couch titled, "alive" appeared. This could be the spark of a new era and Chicago music, many would love to see these three rise to the top, but we must all still wait and see what comes of the reunion. Give them time and they will create something beautiful. 

They are set to play their first reunion show at the concord music hall that sold out. We will post updates when we get some and we will for sure post the first new tracks. Either way this is big news!




This EP really illuminates the fact that there are some seriously good projects being created right under our noses. Paris producer LRS teams up with Chicago artist Days on this fantastic little project that is most definitely worth the listen. The flow and the musical style is something we have not been hearing for a while, and its refreshing, and as smooth as buttah. 

"Most people spend their life, looking straight ahead and focusing so hard on what is yet to come, that, rarely, do they even, by chance, look up at what is." 


With their latest offering, LRS continues their unorthodoxical ascent to sonic parts unknown. 

Unlike their previous works, "AsUWish", in particular, can be more thematically defined. 

The ep patiently and beautifully unfolds, as would a rare conversation between two close friends. 

 "Musically, the calmest and most curious moments of 2018."


 With a mellow, yet insightful ep, they look to leave you with all the emotions of your favorite lp, but in a fraction of the time. 

Having met just barely 8 years ago, Days and Jostereo connected instantly; it was as if they had known each other for decades. After their initial collaboration (on Jostereo's "Off Praha"), they both found a satisfying chemistry and mutual admiration for each other's respective skills. 

LRS will soon complete the third of a triumvirate of releases appropriately titled Lows, Mids and Highs, respectively. 
As well they continue to produce new works at an alarming rate. In addition, they look to bring their sounds to the live in a new collaboration with D-os, in late 2018. 

Keep an eye and an ear out, both low and high, for LRS.



released May 31, 2018 


LRS would like to thank, Tos, Gregarson, Paris, and the most high, seen and unseen... 

Lyrics by Days 
Beats produced and mixed by Jostereo 
Mastered by Gregarson / AK studio



There are probably 100 number related lyrcis in this clever track "100" by the Boy Illinois. We don't get to see his face often but when we do, we always want more. Illi spits a heartfelt flow while getting his taxes together so his girlfriend can file them for him. It should be noted that it's a bold move to put taxes, rap, and a music video together in the same place, and the result turns out to be something unique yet very relatable. D. Gaines never lacks behind the camera.

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