This is the second music video we shot for Sista E.L.L.A. It's about how self respect and self esteem begin in childhood. It is at the upmost level of importance that we give nothing but positivity to the younger generations. Enjoy.

WOW. We had to share this one.

Not too much to say about this video besides the fact that Teyana Taylor is amazing.

Rich Jones is a very loveable character. He's got a heart and soul that only a select few artists posess. This is a recap of him performing at the intimate Sofar Chicago, in front of a cozy audience; a great place to see amazing performances without dealing with a ton of people. Also their videos are so good that you can just play the Sofar videos like a playlist and discover tons of music that way. If you enjoy this post go ahead and give Sofar a follow and don't forget to follow us for more awesome stuff like this!

Supa just dropped Dead Again 3 on the forth of July, as he alway does. On top of already heavy lineup of the feature list, the track "Fool Wit It" featuring Chance the Rapper just pops out. Chicago is hyped.

-  You should to listen to this a few times just on the basis of the combo alone  - 


Sunny Woodz, Qari, ChurchDontStop and Mulatto enjoy sunny a day in the forest for “Roots,” from Sunny’s Sunny Side Up EP.

Video by APJ Films

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