After a horror story of glitches on his vx1000, Alex Horton managed to collect the good clips and put together this longer edit titled "XGAMESMODE" which just premeired at the HOUSE OF VANS in Chicago. This video features some rather notable parts of Sean Davis, the tech reflex master, Famous Smith the rapper-skater who put out the controversial "Take Off That Thrasher" Track, and the infamous Tylor Horton who has grown well from a small child skating large handrails into a steezy young adult that is throwing down serious bangers with an effortless style(and some raps too). The usual gang from Horton's videos plus many more can be found in the friends section which has a few levels to it.

The friends section has a bittersweet ending however, featuring never before seen footage of their early departed friend, Josh Kasnicka to whom the entire video is dedicated. It is always tougher than ever to lose a friend, especially in skateboarding where we see our friends so much in person or through social media, so the absence is heavily noticed. But not to get so heavy, enjoy the video and hold on to the good times.

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