Recently we got an email from Lefthouse skateboards with this video in it, it was very out of the ordinary so we thought it would be a good post. We have a small interview posted below so you can hear about the company from the man himself, a super rad dude with a lot of history! Enjoy!


So could you just tell us what the company is about, how it started and where you see it going?

LeftHouse Skateboards actually started in 2005 as a record label, putting out underground artists from all over the world. it started as a techno label, but then moved into weirdo creative sometimes half electronic half live instrument type jams with vocals and shit. We still are putting music out today. Then around 2010, LeftHouse Films was born. I was already doing a lot of acting in indie films and such, but in 2010 I wrote and directed my first feature film titled On Holiday. We have made 7 features and 1 full length bootleg music video for the act known as Haxsaw & Dugin. Then in 2015, my good friend and label partner, William Hoke Huddleston the 3rd showed up in Los Angeles to stay with me for a bit. Hoke and I have been old friends since we were like 13 years old. and we met skateboarding. We skated together back then every fucking day. It was a glorious time. I had not seen Hoke in years. I mean years, and now he is on my coach, and he keeps trying to get me to go out skating. now at this time in my life, i had not really done much skateboarding in say 15 years or so. And there was Hoke, "let's go skate". "Okay" I said. and then with in 3 days of skateboarding it all came back. It all rushed in like a wave of nostalgic amnesia and it all dawned on me, who I am, how I came to be, the music I had made, the movies I have made, the jokes I make, all came from the world of skateboarding. It truly shaped every aspect of life and how I live it. So the idea to start a skateboard company made all the sense in the world to me. I just want to be apart of skateboarding for the rest of the earths time and I don't wanna leave it again. 
That is basically how it got started. were we go from here depends. there are many options and dreams. but I will tell you right now that what is next for us is Tea part 2 "Another Cup"!!!
The company goal is to be creative and have more fun than there is possible. 
Can you give us a little background about the concept of the video, who is in it and why you chose to make it in the format you chose?
Tea part 1 is a motivational art film about skateboarding. It is about me being a 42 year old man who skated from 1985 to 1997 and then started again in 2015 and dealing with injuries and such and working past that. All the footage of myself was shot during a recovery period. I am hoping to have some stronger moments in Tea 2 but I believe it is important to be honest with the world with these films. It's funny cause people seem to have a weird and positive reaction to Tea part 1. It will effect you and make you wanna skate and even possible get after it! The other skaters in Tea Kyle, and Emitoe. They are forever members of the LeftHouse and as well family. Kyle is my niece and Emitoe is my brother. They are both awesome and skate only like 5 times a year. I wish it was more but time is a mystery.
We shot Tea with a fake go-pro camera. i bought it for like 40 bucks. it can go under water and it shoots full HD so fuck it! I am constantly trying to smash the camera but it holds up like a champ. I did a tail stall on it the other day and it went flying! still works! Plus I hate how kids today are dumb. if back in the 90's we could shoot with a phone we would be stoked. i dont know, I mean low-fi shit rules and I feel like that has been lost a bit. people should dig for the magic a bit. it's still gotta be out there. 
What are your inspirations?
Jim Grecco's last two films, A Way Out, and Year 13 and honestly very true inspirations for Tea. Jim's films are perfect to me. They have the spirit of what I love about skateboarding, the art, the music, the comedy, and the truth. It's beautiful and completely inspirational. 
if you want know more about LeftHouse Films and Recordings take a look at and the LeftHouse Skateboards website is down at the moment but if you wanna buy a board or take a look at the collection go to

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