Meet Skate Dad, out to raise the best contest skateboarder the world has ever seen by any means necessary.  

This short film by Danny Mullen touches on some important aspects of skateboard in a clever and outrageous way. Some words from the creator himself.

I think it was just wanting to tap into skateboarding' history a bit, because to me no other sport had so interesting a past. But also, I'm kind of fascinated by the growing split between the pros who drive Mercedes and live in mansions and the pros who can't even pay all their bills. "Pro" doesn't really tell you much about a person's status in the industry any more. And while the big money kids can be pretty cheesy and easy to make fun of, I do get and respect their choice to secure their future, so I wanted to defend that subtly too with the Osiris rant and the popsicle stick thing.


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