Flo Marfaing
JP VIlla
Graham Thoms
Max Barker
Sandro Bertolucci
Nabil Slimani
Victor Pellegrin
Julien Merour

All of this footage was shot for other companies that have put out this footage in various edits. There was a period when I was in Barcelona when a big time filmer got sick and I was called to cover for him while the Blaze Supply Team was in town in full effect. It was a heavy ball to pick up but I managed to make it happen and made a ton of new friends in the process. I had a lot of fun filming all of this footage even though I wasn't allowed to use it for over a year. Every session was still homies vibes, really positive and heavy skating even though some of homies I was skating with are among the top pro's in Europe. This footage shows a rare and amazing opportunity that exists for people who are ready and willing to work. Shot of the Lumix GH4.

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