Enjoy this extra Chicago footage that came from some filming missions for Trabajando 4!

*Sidenote* This edit features Dave Rodriguez's @dayvivid first clip since his knee injury, he's since been skating harder than ever, expect more from him in the future! There are also some good leftovers of Colin Commito's @yescomplylaw battles to perfect his clips for Trabajando 4. Most of the of clips are either warm ups or stuff that just didn't make the cut for the final but is definitely still good enough to enjoy. If you haven't seen the Chicago section in Trabajando 4, you're in for a ride.





Colin Commito

Dylan Roeder

Tariyawn Knighten

Pete Morris

DJ Brown

Graham Thoms

Adolfo Franco

Corey Henderson

Jacob Hedrich

Dave Rodriguez

Cesar Dubroca

Henry Woolever

Joe Milazzo


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