"This part was about presenting him in a more mature light, 

putting more work in to skating, and only using the best clips we had in the part."




Tariyawn's Trabajando 4 part. If you have been watching the Segatron channel consistently then you know that Tariyawn and I have been filming for years. You can pretty much see him grow up in my videos. Little does the public know, I actually had to make a deal that his part would be how he wanted it, because in the past, I had shown some footage that Tariyawn would of prefered that I didn't, and I kind of did it anyway because he was pretty young, and I needed some slams in the video. (he had a couple pretty good slams) (I'm sorry).

This part was about presenting him in a more mature light, putting more work in to skating, and only using the best clips we had in the part. He was ready for it and so was I. The past parts have been moreso my view of T, and us having fun, but I feel like this part is more representative of who he is, and that was the goal. That is why there are a lot of clips of him floating around in the Chicago VX1000 montages, he wasn't settling for anything less than his standard. In the past we would just film anything, but in the end we weren't always satisfied. I can say however that filming a bunch of trash footage in the past made it so we had to improve, and had something to improve from. We basically just used that method of improving clips little by little over time to get to this point. If you watch Tariyawn's parts, and edits that he appears in, you can see the progression. I think this part represents best of his level during the time we spent filming.

Tariyawn has a very unique personality and style that always brings out parts of mine that never come out around anyone else. I feel like we are one of the few people in each others' lives that we can laugh about stuff that we should not be laughing about. I feel lucky to know Tariyawn and he offers a realness that helps keep me on point, something that not many people are capable of doing for me. When we film, it is kind of like a theraputic experience. Even when tricks aren't being landed, we are still figuring out how to accomplish our goals more effectively. Constantly taking out the things we don't like about a trick, and doing it better, grinding longer, going faster, doing the line again for the last flatground trick, not accepting toe and heel touches, you know, the works. I would have to say, when we do that, as long as it doesn't ruin friendships in the process, the clips are more satisfying for the people involved. I wanted Tariyawn to be in this video in a memorable way because I knew that this video would be seen overseas, and I feel like he is a great representation of Chicago skateboarding of Chicago itself. So many people think that all of Chicago is Chi-Raq and that they could get shot on any (Ol') O'Block, but T is one of many inspiring and talented people from Chicago, and I hope that these images change outside perceptions of the windy city, and make them want to come check it out. There are people striving for execellence in all areas.

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