The last VX1000 edit of the fall is here! These are all extra clips from Trabajando filming missions! Stay on the lookout for the raw footage of this edit.

Many homies in this one!


Graham Thoms

Tariyawn Knighten

Joe Milazzo

Timmy Johnson


Corey Henderson

Adolfo Franco

KJ Hallman

and more!

When style and skill make a perfect union, you get stuff like this.

Al Carrer Skateshop Barceona just dropped this jaw droppingly stylish edit, giving life to the streets of Barcelona once more. Tiago Lima does a nollie back heel over a full sized barrier, and stares into your soul as he lands, that is unheard of! Nietzsche Pires ends the edit with some serious manual control at UNI. This might be one you want to rewind. 

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