Jeremy has got a one of a kind style and lot of power. Each trick is a surprise! A short part filmed by Mike Simms

Since Skateboards is a brand new company to come out of Barcelona. It's all about supporting the family, there is no team as of yet. Their first two graphics, both made with the help of Segatron Media, can only be seen at MACBA. This is the first edit, and it is just bursting at the rims with legends and top notch skateboard talent. The Since Filmer Adilson never dissapoints when he is behind the lens. This edit includes clips from a span of ten years in Barcelona. Edits of that span are almost unheard of these days. The edit was perfected and tighted up over the course of at least three years.

On top of featuring grip of Europe's top skateboarder over the past two decades, the first song features the one and only Tom Penny and EDG Rafa, who has a macba line at 1:17, the owner of EDG Skateboards and a good friend of Adilson's, when he lands his line, he shows his tatoo that says, "The world is yours", while the lyrics by him in the song say "Nosso mundo", meaning "our world' in Portugese. This edit is more connected and legendary than most. 


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