Enjoy this extra Chicago footage that came from some filming missions for Trabajando 4!

*Sidenote* This edit features Dave Rodriguez's @dayvivid first clip since his knee injury, he's since been skating harder than ever, expect more from him in the future! There are also some good leftovers of Colin Commito's @yescomplylaw battles to perfect his clips for Trabajando 4. Most of the of clips are either warm ups or stuff that just didn't make the cut for the final but is definitely still good enough to enjoy. If you haven't seen the Chicago section in Trabajando 4, you're in for a ride.





Colin Commito

Dylan Roeder

Tariyawn Knighten

Pete Morris

DJ Brown

Graham Thoms

Adolfo Franco

Corey Henderson

Jacob Hedrich

Dave Rodriguez

Cesar Dubroca

Henry Woolever

Joe Milazzo



This is the first section of Trabajando 4 released online. This 2017 footage shows how much of a melting pot Barcelona can be. Just looking at all the names you get a sense of the different parts of the world, let alone everyone's indivual style.


Although many locals detest MACBA, it will always deserve it's due respect for bringing people together. 


I know for a fact that Trabajando would not be what it is without MACBA. The mix of levels, age, experience, and culture that MACBA allows skateboarding to link is something that is not easy to find on this planet. Barcelona however, speads far beyond MACBA, there is a whole world of spots waiting to be skated in that city, so don't get caught in the trap! 

This is just one section of the video,

to see the full video you're going to have to order a DVD, a pizza, some beer, some friends, a chill space, and about 30 minutes.


Jorgy Gomez

Ramon Muniz

Raul Escalante

Ronaldo Alanso

Julian Seaz

Michel Mello

Adilson Rodrigues

Nietsche Pires

Kevin Besset

Flo Marfaing

Sergio Salgado

Max Barker

Niko Rizzo

Abe Zveroh

Adam Faccillola

Nick Bezinovich

Benjamin Frayce

Randy Nakicen




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