Nicholas Jordan blessed us with this midwest gem on Christmas day! It is always amazing to see so many clips saved for years to make a full length. A lot of skateshops are struggling to stay open, so putting out a video, especially a full length brings a lot of motivation into the community, which is good for everybody. There are a ton of skateboarders in this video of all ages. It has a timelss feeling to it. The first time (every time) I ever saw a skateshop video, it really fired me up to get my friends out more and put in the extra work to make a full length. There are some seriously mind blowing tricks in Brandon Shanklin's part, and everyone else killed it as well, you will be quite pleased! Can't wait to see more! 

I saw this part and got hyped because 1. it's got a lot of Chicago footage in it, and two, it's a younger skater who is putting in some extra work to make a full part.

It takes a lot more work to do that than it does to make something for Instagram, so kudos! Josh is going to progress a lot if he keeps this up! 

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