Cole Hosman just dropped his street part full of handrails, including a trick on the one and only El Toro! 

Filmed by: Spencer Burdock, Hunter Olsen, and Jake Dusing.

Stone Sullivan and Chity G combined their vx1000's in this Premeire X Uprise love story of an edit.

I remember asking Timmy if he wanted to skate during a weeking over the summer and he said, "Nah man I'm going to Minneapolis", I'm pretty sure I asked him more than once and then finally went, "Ohh". We here is the heavy session that Timmy attended along with Chity G and a few other heads from uprise.

The shops collabing with shops right now are going to be the shops that are still around in 10 years.

This edit hypes me up to see Timmy ripping a nearby city, getting the ender, and to see that mixed with some heat from the locals. This creates a vibe that can't be faked or sent over the internet. Midwest scenes uniting is a beautiful thing. Chicago Brands can learn so much from Minnesota about how to make and keep a skate scene working and actually be amazing without being in California or in New York. The Minnesota scene has always blown my mind since I was young, though so maybe I have a bias.

I can feel that this is a documentation of a great session and personally I think I shows in the video. They had to travel and skate together in order to make this edit happen. This edit has an organic, local feel to it with some pro level skating mixed in, and makes me want to take a trip back to Minnapolis. 


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